After over 2 years of silence I have updated and reopened this site. I have spent huge amount of time documenting all the projects I have designed, built, and measured within the last year. With this big personal investment I will honestly do my best to keep updating the site this time. This will mean new projects and also blog posts related to these projects and interests.

I am slowly building myself a good headphone setup. Currently it is PSU Pre, HP Pre, and Grado SR80e. However, I am already designing a modular headphone amplifier after the DAC to experiment with various amplifier designs, I expect the initial version to be ready in March-April. Then it is time to try some different headphones.

I would also like to make a new H-DAC revision to fix the bugs and simplify the design a bit, as well as a version with PCM1792A using digital volume control to simplify preamplifier design (and use with my future headphone setup). Before these I will likely design a test board where I can easily measure some DACs, opamps, etc.

Stay tuned and take your time to explore the new site – there are quite some contents to start with.

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