Addon H-MCU – Microcontroller addon for H-DAC

Updated 18.2.2017


  • Provides microcontroller interface to H-DAC jumper-link pinheader
  • Can be made Arduino-compatible with external USB-serial interface board

Addon H-MCU is designed to be able to use H-DAC in Quad DAC in place of my old DAC boards. It makes it possible to switch input and DAC filter via external remote signals.

Design and schematics

This is just a simple microcontroller circuit connected to H-DAC jumper link pinheader. It takes voltage supplies from H-DAC as well. The circuit can be made Arduino-compatible by loading a bootloader. However, case must be taken with voltage levels as this is 3.3 V circuit unless many other Arduino circuits. I have used this only with my own C program developed in Atmel Studio.

There are LEDs to indicate status of control lines.


Small pinheader socket on bottom side is only for mechanical support.


v1.0A PDF files

Version history

Schematics/PCB, changes for next version

  • v1.0A Initial version
    • Update silkscreen with new symbols (already done in component placement)

This page

  • 18.2.2017

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